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San Diego native, Ginger Rosser cites her twenty-five years experience as an artist’s figure model and gives credit to Betty Edward’s book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”  as the foundation of her art education. From Art Center in Pasadena to the University of Pennsylvania, Ginger paid attention during class while working for such distinguished professionals as Eleanor Antin, Parrietta Hester, Sebastian Cappella  and James Hubble.  As a result, she found enjoyment in figure drawing with charcoal and discovered her talent for life sculpting in clay.
Initially used as a form of art therapy, Ginger’s creates her “Retro-Feminist” colleges in a free association/stream of consciousness style, using images and text from vintage magazines to convey her feelings.  Her art questions traditional gender roles and comments on the use of print media and advertising to perpetuate gender stereotypes in western society.

A product of the 1970’s Feminist Movement and a background in Pyschology, Physical Education, Poetry and Performance Art. 
Ginger received her Museum Studies Certificate in 2009 and spent three
 years working at the former San Diego Women’s History Museum. 

She admires the work of Alphonse Mucha and M.C. Escher. Ginger is one of the origional members of the San Diego F.I.G. (Feminist Image Group), a member of the San Diego History Center and Friends of Balboa Park.


2008-2009             San Diego Mesa College Museum Studies Program
1994-2002             San Diego Community College District: 

                            Life Drawing: Debra Babylon, Jim Clark
                            Life Sculpture: Ross Stockwell

Group Exhibitions

2014                     "The Uterus Project"                                      Cal State San Marcos
2013                     "Gift"                                                            San Diego Mesa College Art Gallery
2011                    “What Women Want”                                       San Diego Repertory Theater

2010                     "Women by Women"                                      San Diego Art Department
2009                     "Seven Sins"                                                 Private Home Exibition - Museum Studies
2009                     "Real Estate"                                                Elsa Benedict Real Estate Office, San Diego

2009                     “The Trade Show”                                          Eskisehir, Istanbul, Turkey
2009                     "It’s A Woman’s World”                                  Mesa College LRC
2009                     “A Centenary of Collage”                                Arison Gallery, Manchester England
2007                     Juried Show                                                  Bonita History Museum
2006, 2005            Juried Show                                                  San Diego County Fair


2005 & 2006        Honorable Mention - Mixed Media Collage, San Diego County Fair 

Professional Experience

1988-2013            Artist’s Figure Model                                       Southern California
1998                    Jean Lowe’s “The Zoo Story”                           UCSD Art Gallery
2001                    Eleanor Antin’s “Last Days of Pompeii”             Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica   
2008                    Eleanor Antin’s Historical Takes                       San Diego Museum of Art   
2009-2013            San Diego Women’s History Museum        
Present                 Artists’ Assistant                                           San Diego       

Curatorial Projects

2010                     “Truth of Sojourner”                                         Women’s History Museum
2009                     “It’s A Woman’s World”                                   Mesa College LRC
2009                    “Seven Deadly Sins”                                        Private Home

Professional Organizations
San Diego F.I.G. (Feminist Image Group)

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